Q. What is your approach for newborn sessions?

A. I have a simple approach for photographing newborn babies. My sessions are totally baby-led. I follow your baby's natural routine and take pictures of whatever baby is doing - stretching in your arms, yawning, snuggling, looking with wide open eyes, sleeping, or even crying. I don't use props to pose a  baby. We can take our time and keep a baby comfortable with plenty of feedings and diaper changing. I am a very patient photographer and I don't want to rush the session!

Q. Can my older children participate in a newborn session?

A. Yes, your immediate family and pets are welcome to participate.

Q. Baby is crying - what to do?

A. Newborns may cry during a session and we will try our best to soothe them efficiently. First of all, please keep your house comfortable. Second, please feed your baby well right before the session. Third, babies tend to be calmer in the morning hours and fussier in the afternoon, so please consider a morning booking. Note though that photographs of crying babies are full of emotions, and even adorable! I have several of these precious images in my portfolio.

Q. How to book you? 

A. Please send me an e-mail and I will respond within 24 hours. I will provide you with all information, including a copy of my contract. Your booking is confirmed by signing a contract and providing a deposit by e-transfer.

Q. What happens after the session? 

A. Within two weeks, I will send you an email with the link to your password-protected online gallery.  This gallery will contain from 40 to 70 photos (depending on the type of session) to choose your favourites from.  After you have selected your preferred photos, I will polish them and send you another link to a gallery with edited images. Usually the photo-editing process takes two more weeks. You can then download the full set of edited images in high resolution and for web use or for sharing. The gallery will remain accessible for several weeks. All of these details are summarized in my contract. 

Q. What is the best time of the day for the session?

 A. I advise scheduling newborn at-home sessions before noon because babies tend to be calmer and lighting is better.

Q. What if my house is too dark or messy? 

A. Many houses in Toronto are dark but that doesn't mean we can't take beautiful photographs.  Access to windows can really help.  Even a small space for just one chair in front of a window can suffice for collection of stunning images. I can also use prime portrait and wide-angle lenses to allow more light to get into the camera. Also, I don't require your home to be perfectly clean and minimalistic.

Q. What kind of editing do you perform? Will you do skin retouch? 

A. I do some color correction to make the photographs look warmer and richer in tones. Regarding skin retouch, I don't do 'magazine look' editing, but on head shots I can clean up temporary skin imperfections, like pimples or a scratch. I don't remove wrinkles and I don't change a body's proportions. In the first weeks of life, some newborns develop rashes. Mild rashes can be re-touched, but I recommend rescheduling if a baby has developed a heavy rash. Though my style is not documentary, I stand for natural look and honest photography.

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